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Tipler time manipulator

well i am trying a little something a little different  a floor clock / night-light  

Fun Little Box I made

Just a fun little box I’m putting together I carved a skull out of a spoon for the top. It makes a great treasure box hahahaha

Items for the upcoming New Years Eve Show

Some of my latest builds for the up coming show new years eve

Globe Lamp 2

Meet Spike

Good morning every one I want to have you meet Spike 😆 one of my newest lamps

Steampunk Weather Station

Well I was in the mood to do something different all I have seen is those boring wooden plaques so I said to self its time for a…

Diaballical Lamp

Well I went out on a limb on this one it has a touch switch built in so it has a low med high.  What do you think?

Blade Lamp set done

The first one is done there will be a matching set 🙂

Steampunk Deco Style lamp Done

SteamPunk meets Art Deco Desklamp

A work in progress


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