04.16.16 – Core Files, security and supporting systems upgraded.  Outage occurred due to lapse on domain registration and we are good to go.

09.23.15 – Website Make over in place.  During this time Login and Registration’s we removed from site.  Please if you would like to comment or give me some feedback.  Use the About Page contact form or visit with me via the social media link (Follow Me) located on the right side of the page.

06.25.14 – Next Show, The SteamPlant located in Spokane Washington.  September 5th, 2014.

04.17.14 – Update to some of the CORE Files as well to the Theme.  If something is out of place or not working.  Let me know.

11.24.13 – Update to core theme, started work on embedding social media into Website.  Got a Social Media Nav link up and testing styles and settings.  This will ultimately become part of the over all main blog.  I’m hoping to seamlessly add any of the FB Activity to the site.

11.01.13 – Update to the core of the website and theme.  Did a few tweaks to the CSS today as well if someone finds anything not working as it should be please let us know.

08.11.13 – Great Show at Spo Con 2013.  Spokesman Review stopped by took some photo’s one of our visitors appears in the article on their website.  See the main blog, for Links and photo’s.

06.25.13 – Well due to an issue with the Theme and the most recent update to WordPress.  It broke some of the functions such as ADDing Media to a post.  So we are in process of making changes to a NEW theme.  Implemented a NEW FASTER share method as well as getting ready to implement the new auto posting to social media sites.

04.13.13 – Gallery is up and in place, starting to fill it up with more of Rob’s creations.  More will be added over time so watch for this area to grow and evolve.  The current format is pretty basic we will spruce it up more in the upcoming days.

04.12.2013 – Added a Galley to site, it remains in private at the moment until Rob’s ready to revel it.. Watch for it soon.

04.10.2013 – Updated a bit of SEO so that Facebook would latch on to a DEFAULT Image.  Placed a default image in, however I’m not overly happy with the image and certain it will get replaced when something great comes to me.  These changes should allow folks that share items to choose from either the default image or one of the photo’s included in the posting.  Custom Login and Logo installed on login page.

04.07.2013 – Added Animated Favicon, those of you with Firefox should see an animated Gear in your TAB.  Also enabled, Responsive Layouts, so that the site will look great on Mobile Devices and Tables.  Updated the About page, with a Contact form and CAPTCHA.  This will make it easier to contact Robert and ensure that only those really interested in his artwork will be touching base with him.

04.06.2013 – Moving Day is Upon us.  We have official moved into SteamPunk-9.com new digs.  Got plenty of neat new features added with more to come and getting everything in place.  Robert has been adding more new photo’s of recent projects.  To the Main Blog Loop.

04.05.2013 – Changed theme in preparation for rolling out the NEW Official site, imported the Old Site and graphics into it and updated some of the Navigation information and Pages.  Updated the the correct author of pages and media to those that have created them.  Updated the Videos Section to include all of my YouTube Videos in the playlist.

03.11.2013 – Added Featured Publications section to site.  This contains the publications and sites my work has been featured on.  Also added a Videos section, this contains alot of the videos of my works I’ve put on YouTube and other locations.

03.10.2013 – Welcome to the new WordPress.com Home for SteamPunk Creations by K9.  For those that are following us on Facebook and have found their way here.  This is an EXTENSION of my Facebook Presence.  I hope to reach further into the SteamPunk community by sharing ideas and more of my creations here as well.  If you don’t see something we should add or find an error or omission please let me know and I’ll see that it get’s fixed right away.   Stay tuned to this link from time to time as I’ll update here the LATEST news regarding SteamPunk Creations by K9.