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Steampunk mad scientist lamp

well this one is a touch lamp and gauge works with dimmer showing ac volts

Modern/Art Deco mantel clock

well i though it was (TIME ) for a clock build Lol

Helveticka’s new conference room lamp


Steampunk Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver

Just a fun Dr Who piece


Steampunk Art Deco Lamp

My latest steamy art deco style lamp


Steampunk Ruby Red lamp

 just a quick build for stock to sell at the next show

Custom task lamps job for helveticka

Tipler time manipulator

well i am trying a little something a little different  a floor clock / night-light  

Steampunk art at the steamplant show

Here is a few pics from the show we had a busy night 🙂 Thanks Magen H for the pics

Rob’s Next Show!!


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