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Rob’s Next Show!!

Fun Little Box I made

Just a fun little box I’m putting together I carved a skull out of a spoon for the top. It makes a great treasure box hahahaha

Some pics from the NYE show

Items for the upcoming New Years Eve Show

Some of my latest builds for the up coming show new years eve

New Additions to the Gallery

We, recently added the Facebook Gallery to our site, click on the Facebook Gallery.  Enjoy more of Rob’s fantastic creations.  If you see something you must have.  Make…

Globe Lamp 2

Meet Spike

Good morning every one I want to have you meet Spike 😆 one of my newest lamps

Spo Con 2013

Steampunk Weather Station

Testing New Social Media Connection

IN an effort to integrate the social media experience into the website.  we have set the site up now to automatically place it’s posts on the Facebook…


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